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Life and this world are undoubtedly stressful, indifferent, and a tough sone of a bitch no matter who you are.  Well maybe if you are some billionaire heiress then its ok, but even then I bet there are still things that are tough.  

Strength training and competing are things that shape you both physically and mentally.  We adapt to training and continue to build muscle and get stronger.  We become more resilient and able to tackle more weight or challenges.  We can always continue to improve.  Competing makes you have to answer that call of "Now is the fucking time!" The confidence that comes from being tested and standing back up, dusting yourself off, and asking for more is unique to humans.  We seek out challenges for the sake of seeing if we can survive them.  

No matter what level you are at and what you want to accomplish work on being "HARDER 2 KILL".  This goes for everything.  Harder to kill with a workout, bike ride, training session, wod, work, pressure, stress, and illness.  Don't forget that is what we are building.  We are building a more robust body to be able to survive anything that gets thrown in front of us.  We don't cover up and wait for it to end.  We fight back.  We stand back up and try again.  


Cloud TieDye-

Grey Pocket tee-

White tee-

White GHOST CAMO WINDBREAKER full length and Crop-

Ladies Crop Tank-


All orders during the month of July are automatically entered to win a Fridge From Monster Hydro and a year supply of product from Monster Hydro as well.

Every dollar spent is an entry to win.  Random winner 
will be selected at the end of the month.

This could be you.


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