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Back in 2009, I wanted to build a gym. I began  putting together gym equipment I bought off Craigslist in my garage. This has still been the greatest decision I ever made.

This was no doubt definitely a big reason I was successful in strongman, powerlifting, weightlifting, and won a few World Championships in Highland Games.  It immediately made me, more efficient in the pursuit of my physical goals.

I believe this is the biggest thing I ever did to change the direction of my life from what it was then to where it is now.  I hope that I get to pass that forward on to someone else.  

This was my last garage gym.  I am hoping this giveaway is the start of someone fulfilling a dream of theirs as well.  


Last year we teamed up with Sorinex to give away a custom squat rack.  

This year we are going bigger. 2020 has been a crazy year so far so why not give back as much as we can.  

For the month of NOVEMBER we are giving away a CUSTOM HOME GYM from SORINEX worth over $3,000. The package will include:

Custom Branded Sorinex 3 x 3 Dark horse rack.
Sorinex Performance Bar with custom HVIII end caps
Sorinex OS Bumper plates  45 x 4, 25 x 2, 10 x 2
Sorinex Recon adjustable bench
Sorinex Dark Horse Rack and Gym Set
That is right.  That is a fully functional custom home gym.  Ready to go.  
Tired of paying gym fees?
Tired of driving to the gym?
Squeezed for time?
Good this fixes all those problems.
Someone is going to win this, and it may as well be you.

Custom Branded Sorinex 3 x 3 Dark horse rack.

Sorinex Performance Bar with custom HVIII end caps

Sorinex Recon adjustable bench
Sorinex OS Bumper plates  45LB x 4, 25LB x 2, 10LB x 2


Sign up for our email list on THEHVIII.COM worth 25 entries
Every dollar spent this month is an automatic entry to win.
Enter as many times as you want.  We will announce the winner Dec 1st.

Still not convinced that this could change your life? See the garage gym in action
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  • If we’re already signed up for the newsletter we still get entered or nah?

    Ben on
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  • Training for the Olympics would be so much better. Im in the process of trying to build a gym for my new house. Im price shopping. That’s how I ran across this page. Now I like this brand

    Austin Craig on
  • I would love to have the opportunity to win this! Thank you for having this available I want to start a home gym and this would be a great start!

    Matthew C on
  • Ohh man.. this is the best thing ever with all the gyms closed! Thanks Sorinex and HVIII!!

    Micah German on
  • Love this! I’d love to start my garage gym with this set up! Gyms just closed again :( Email entry and just made my purchase! 🤞🏾 🙏🏾 Thanks!

    Ashley on
  • Amazing way to connect the community – thanks!

    @toddphysique on
  • Great excuse to buy some more great shirts!

    Joe on
  • You’re amazing! This giveaway is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Nikki on

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