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Time Waits for No One

Of all the things we chase in this world, not enough thought is put on time.  This is a valuable commodity that we all have a finite amount of and can't buy any more of.  So the whole game is how do you utilize it to the best of your abilities?  

See there is a giant list of things we are all wanting to accomplish in this life.  And no matter who you are or what your "status" is the clock is ticking.  My suggestion is if there is something you want to do and experience get busy getting to it.  

I hate the mentality of Ill get to a bunch of stuff later.  No matter if that is next year or 5 years or when you retire. That is falling into the safety net that you are 100% given that time and opportunity to do it. 

All you really have is the today and now.  Don't waste any of the years of your life waiting for your opportunity or the time feels right.  Now is the time to live.