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Boot up or Shut up :

I love this design.  The alligator being a nod to growing up in Louisiana and still loving my roots in the dirty south.  

Boot up or Shut up: this for me is about being someone that takes action instead of complains from the sidelines.  Get in and make a difference.  Help people, help yourself, and take action to make progress.  Don't just talk about how things can get better but, start making moves.

Less No and More GO: Be open to possibilities and experiences that cross your path. Build a life where you are prepared for anything and ready to say yes to any adventure that gives you the opportunity.  Life full of saying yes to things that scare your or challenge you is a better life.  

Feed your HVIII:  It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment I felt it.  But at some point I was doing a thing, playing a sport, lifting, and a voice chimed in that said "do more."  That little voice that craves greatness.  The one that understands the path forward is repetition and focus.  Feed that voice and give in.  Loose yourself in a thing and become obsessed.  You only get to have enough time to be great at a few things, make sure you choose a few and see HOW FUCKING GREAT YOU CAN BE!

This isn't about winning or being the best in the world.  It is about finding your own breaking points and figuring out how to keep chasing.  How to continue to get better. How to be your best.  This applies to everything you spend time doing.  If the task your doing doesn't require the best out of you, find something that does.


Black heavy weight hoodie: Matt is 6' 240 wearing an XL