F* LUCK - ST PATS 2022 - TEE

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We are going green.  Did you know our mailer bags are biodegradable?  So yeah, kinda green all over. 

As much as I love St Paddy’s, I don't care for the term LUCK. 

FUCK LUCK.  Make your own. 

Luck is the intersection of opportunity and perpetration.  Luck is what other people call it.  People who think they aren't at the wheel believe in luck. 

Take control and make your own opportunities and be damn sure ready to perform when the chance happens. 

As of right now I am in the middle of filming a travel series with Indian Motorcycles. We pitched them this show for their YouTube and we put this project together.  Was this luck? No way. I have been shooting content and creating with dreams of hosting a travel show since 2015 with drifta lifta.  Now I’ve got a shot at it. Now it's time to perform and show what we are capable of now. 

I'm scared, anxious, excited, and the happiest I have ever been.  FUCK LUCK. I'm not leaving it up to chance.

Size Reference
Kelsey is 5' 9", 145lbs and wearing L
Avery is 5' 11", 190lbs and wearing L

Matt is 6', 240lb and wearing an 2XL