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For the second classic, HVIII pays homage to a classic character: the spooky king himself, Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.  We've created a pair of GOAT Shorts inspired by the infamous killer’s sweater, as well as a long sleeve and hoodie that pays homage to his legacy.

GOAT Shorts features:

  • 4 way stretch, quick dry, and ready for action. 
  • 5" Inseam with the famous gussets that allow for roundhouse kicking things in high places
  • Fancy Fresh Loop in the waistband for the gear you shed while scaling mountains
  • Rear pocket is mesh has a ZIPPER (so you gotta own it when you loose your phone) 
  • Stacked Logo, branded grommets and EVO pistols on the drawstring!


Size Reference
Matt is 6' 240ish and wearing an L here. He likes em snug cause blast them quads.