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TIGER STYLE all Nylon Dad Hat

$ 30.00

High tension is one of my favorite horror films.  Really ton of suspense and violence.  Basically you have a farm house in France and two women who are home on break with family.  Killer shows up who looks like Johnny Cash driving the Jeepers Creepers van and starts killing everyone.  He mushes a guys head between stairway banisters then decapitates that person by pushing a dresser past him.  I really appreciate the writer who was like, "Do you think that is possible to do?" I assumed someone shrugged "UH UH" then they went for it.  

Anyway check out the film and ignore the last couple minutes  at the end.  Forget that happens and the movie is great.  

Also this Full nylon lightweight dad hat is amazing.  This thing is full speed.  Tiger camo accents and under bill.  Water resistant and easy to clean.  Congrats on purchasing your everyday hat.