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Winter Evolution - Navy Evo Rain Shield

$ 80.00

I have also evolved as an athlete and a human.  I wanted more gear that could be worn outside of the gym.  HVIII is a mentality and philosophy that should creep in all the different edges of your existence.  We want to be better in every way.  The gym and training has taught us valuable tools of perseverance, focus, and consistency are what create the progress we demand.

HVIII is more than the gym to me.  It is the accountability that comes from taking the wheel in your life and never letting life make you the victim.  The good and the bad is part of the journey.  We embrace challenging days as they are a chance to sharpen our skills and resolve.  Everyday we are becoming more and more unstoppable.  Becoming more.  Becoming better.  

Thank you all for supporting this journey and the brand.  We will continue to get better at what we do. Thanks for growing with us and always sharing your stories with us about how the brand and message resonated with you.

Minimal designs
Waterproof/resistant shield, 100% recycled polyester rip-stop
Features draw cord to tighten, front zip pouch for snacks


Gary is 5' 10" 250lbs and in XL

Bonnie is 5'3" 135lb and in XS